At Xilloc we are dedicated to assist surgeons and help patients to  “Get aHead with patient specific implants” . Within such a young company, many things are happening and considerable progress is made all the time. In this third edition of our HeadLines , allow me to share with you our latest achievements and other interesting news.

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1-stage meningioma resection and reconstruction

Meningioma resectionOccasionally you see a patient with an intraosseous meningioma. Now we can help these people together via a 1-stage procedure:
Meningioma resection and reconstruction in one surgery using a custom cutting guide and a patient-specific implant. Click here or on the image to read the full case.



Reimbursement for PSI’s discussed in parliament

On november 18th the dutch parliament started a discussion about the reimbursement for patient-specific implants and the use of 3D technology for helping patients. To you and me the benefits are clear and although the short-term investment is higher, the long-term costs are lower, the results are better and patients are happier; health insurance companies are still reserved. National broadcaster RTL made a news item about the use of 3D technology; in this report you will see Dr Erik Nout, CMF surgeon in St. Elisabeth hospital in Tilburg and a strong advocate for personalized 3D technology, and his patient Ruud Batenburg who received a custom cranial plate from Dr Nout and Xilloc. Then you see an interview with our CEO and founder Maikel Beerens who shares his vision about customized implants.

 XSuture; fast and easy fixation of soft tissue

XSutureWe developed (and patented) XSuture to facilitate the attachment of soft tissues to our custom implants. XSuture is an X-shaped hole in the implant that not only provides access to the inside of the implant (to suspend the dura), but it also allows surgeons to stitch soft tissues to the implant áfter it is fixated. Click here for more information.



3D printed anatomical models for surgery planning

Mandible resection using a surgical guideAnatomical models are a great way to plan for (complex) surgeries. Xilloc can provide accurate anatomical models; you can draw on them, but also you can cut and drill in them realistically. We can even highlight certain areas in the color you desire. With short delivery times and friendly pricing, why not use an anatomical model for your next challenging surgery? Simply order online using our MedX system.



Mandible reconstruction with iliac crest or fibula guides

Iliac crest for mandible reconstructionFor mandible reconstruction with autograft bone like a fibula or iliac crest, Xilloc offers virtual surgical planning and delivers customized cutting guides to accurately transfer the surgery plan to the operating room. (See also the image next to the previous topic). Together with you, we perform the planning; based on a CT-scan you tell us the desired approach and our skilled biomedical engineers translate this to a 3D computer model. Then we create the necessary surgical cutting guides to resect the fibula or iliac crest (and mandible) according to plan and send them to you, optionally with a (sterilisable) model of the (resected) mandible. Order online using our MedX system.


TEDx: Ideas worth spreading

Our CTO was invited to spread our ideas about the medical applications of 3D printing at TEDx Liège . Check out his interesting presentation.

3rd anniversary

3rd anniversary!In august, we celebrated our third anniversary. We are excited that quite a number of surgeons (and patients of course) are very satisfied with our patient-specific products and our personal service. The feedback we get the most (and we like the best) is “the fit of your implants and guides is really superb, better than anything we used before”. It has strengthened our belief even more that we are on the right track and we are looking forward to help even more people in the years to come.


Research in personalized patient products and/or 3D printing

Xilloc is open to collaborate in funded projects in the field of customized patient care or 3D printing. If you have an idea or project and you would like a passionate SME involved, do not hesitate to contact us.