Choose your preferred biomaterial

Xilloc offers a wide variety of excellent long term implantable biomaterials to meet your needs.


PEEK-OPTIMA® is a versatile polymeric biomaterial with strong and durable characteristics. A superior combination of high strength, stiffness and toughness, together with its proven biocompatibility make PEEK-OPTIMA ideally suited for patient-specific implants. It is mainly used for cranial/facial reconstructions and augmentations. Autoclavable.


This titanium alloy (Ti-64) is a commonly used alloy in load-bearing medical applications because of its strength, low weight and excellent biocompatibility. Using 3D Printing (Selective Laser Melting) to produce patient-specific implants from TI6Al4V creates the possibility of adding porosity throughout the material and allows virtually unlimited shape complexity. It is mainly used for mandible reconstructions and custom osteosynthesis plates. Autoclavable.

PP/PES knitted yarn

PP/PES is a polymeric material that is knitted from yarn, which results in a porous structure. This material has excellent immunological properties, high resistance to bending strengths, low specific weight, thermal conductivity similar to the bone, and zero liquid absorption. It is mainly used for cranial reconstruction. Autoclavable.




CT-Bone® is not yet available. CT-Bone® is a 3D printed calcium phosphate that unifies with the patient’s bone. It can be used for bony augmentations (non-load-bearing) and is converted into real bone in the patient. Because it is 3D printed it can be made into complex shapes with controlled porosity. Autoclavable.


If you prefer to use a different material then listed above, please contact us with you request, then we will validate if we can produce and deliver from this material.

For more material details you can contact our biomedical engineers.