How can I get a custom implant?

Just like you, most patients (or their loved ones) nowadays are very well informed about their own medical condition. They use the internet to gather a lot of knowledge, almost to a point that they become specialists. Surgeons are only human, so they don’t always know everything about any condition or possible treatment.

As Patient Specific Implants (PSI’s) are not yet widely known and used, it can be that your surgeon is not yet aware or familiar with this option for your treatment. Even if (s)he is aware, (s)he may not know all that is possible with custom implants nowadays.

However, according to official regulations (Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC), custom implants can only be provided “in accordance with a fully qualified medical practitioner’s written prescription”. This means that only a qualified surgeon can decide if a custom implant is suitable for you. Not you, not us, but your surgeon!

In a nutshell:

  1. Talk to your surgeon and inform him/her about the option of a custom implant for you
  2. Have your surgeon contact us, to discuss the possibilities
  3. Your surgeon can now decide if a custom implant is right for you
  4. Your surgeon orders a PSI from us and we deliver your personalized implant

Please note, that a surgeon can decide not to opt for a PSI. (S)he may do so in your best interest for various reasons. Don’t be disappointed.