Getting your PSI: easy as pie!

Three steps is all that separate you from a custom implant for your patient. All you need to do is:

In order to make a perfect design based on the anatomy of the patient, we need a good, recent scan. Please follow the instructions in our  CT-scan protocol.
Compress the folder containing the DICOM data into a ZIP (or RAR) file.

The MedX system will take you stepwise through the ordering procedure. Register first if you do not yet have an account.

Upload the DICOM data and enter details about the case*. We will review the case and prepare a quotation.

After you have approved the quotation, our engineers will make a first design proposal. You give your input and we will start to work on the final design.
Approve the final design and the custom implant will be produced, cleaned and shipped to you.

With the Patient Specific Implant and the optional Anatomical Model, you are now ready for surgery.



The timings given here are average times. If you have an urgent request, mention that in your request in MedX and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

* You can also still manually transfer your data to us.

If you want to do so, first complete the Case Information Form and compress it together with the DICOM folder into a ZIP file and send it on a CD or USB by postal mail . Please inform us of your shipment.