A few benefits of our Patient Specific Implants

As the name already says, a Patient Specific Implant (PSI) is an implant that is specifically made for one patient, for you. It’s like a tailor-made suit; uniquely adapted to your body, so it fits perfectly.

Custom implants have many benefits. To name a few:

Short surgery time

Because a PSI fits perfectly, the surgeon can place it easily. No need to reshape your bones, nor the implant itself. Just put it into place, fixate it and done. Plug-and-play. Faster surgery also reduces the chances of infections.

Fast recovery after surgery

Because surgery time is shorter, anaesthesia time is reduced. A rule of thumb states that for every hour of surgical anaesthesia, you need to recover a day. So two hours saved during surgery, means you can go home to your loved ones two days earlier.

High aesthetic and reconstructive result

A PSI is uniquely shaped to fit on your bones, prefectly covering a bone defect or restoring symmetry. When available, the design is based on an existing CT scan from before the defect, so the implant mimics the original situation. In case of a traumatic or birth defect and no previous data is available, the design is based on mirroring the opposite side of your body and our excellent bio medical engineering skills.

Fewer revision surgeries necessary

Some people that have received a standard implant are not happy with the aesthetic result, so they request a revision surgery. A Patient Specific Implant guarantees the best possible aesthetic result. Furthermore, standard implants can fail sooner, because they do not fit perfectly.

Safe surgery

We extensively discuss, review and validate your custom implant with the surgeon and provide him/her with 3D data before surgery. That way, your surgeon can practice beforehand and is better prepared for the procedure.

Don’t worry be happy

Of course, you are always a bit nervous before surgery, but knowing that you will receive an implant, uniquely designed for you that is implanted by a well prepared surgeon, you can rest assured. Less pre-surgery stress.

There is always a PSI

A standard implant is not always available. Especially for traumatic defects, there is nothing off-the-shelve that can be used easily. A Patient Specific Implant can always be designed, based on your CT data.