Planning makes perfect

Medical imaging allows us to look inside the human body without touching it. Even in 3 dimensions. A pre-operative CT provides us with anatomy and pathology information that is invaluable for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Medical engineering allows us to convert this virtual 3D data into tangible 3D models: Anatomical Models. Nothing gives you a better insight than an actual model in your hands.
  • Furthermore, medical engineering allows us to use the patient’s 3D data to design a perfectly fitting implant prior to surgery: a Patient Specific Implant
  • A virtual surgery plan still needs to be accurately transferred to the actual surgery; for this Surgical Guides are available. A surgical guide, fits exactly on a specific anatomical part of the patient and guides your drill and saw.

Used together, virtual surgery planning, Anatomical Models, Surgical Guides and Patient Specific Implants make the difference between good surgery and surgery planned to perfection.

  • “I am super satisfied with our collaboration” Dr. Ceuppens – Neurosurgeon