At Xilloc we are thankful to be able to assist surgeons in treating their patients with patient-specific products. Below are some of our HeadLines of 2017. Next year we will of course continue to add our personal touch. You can expect new patient-specific products and new materials from us and we will continue to strengthen our collaboration with our surgeons and partners.

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Patient-specific mandible reconstruction plate

We launched a patient-specific, 3D printed mandible reconstruction plate that fits perfectly on the bony surface of the patient. It features among others a unique 3-point fixation and helps you to realize the planned reconstruction of the mandible.



Small company, big impact

In August 2017 we celebrated our 6th anniversary and while we are still young, we were mentioned in several market reports amidst some of the world’s largest medical device companies. Furthermore, we featured twice in Dutch national TV news, we were part of a German documentary on 3D printing and our CEO was interviewed by a robot at the opening of the academic year.



Digital Quality Management System ISO13485

This year we completely revamped our quality management system (QMS) to a fully digital system and received the ISO 13485 certification. This ensures you get the highest quality and prepares us for the new Medical Device Regulations (MDR).




Contract Manufacturing

Besides helping surgeons, we also assisted other companies using our state-of-the-art 3D printing and CNC milling machines, to materialize their awesome products in titanium, PEEK and PA. Allowing us to indirectly help even more patients.  



WANTED: Distribution partners

We are looking for distribution partners in Europe that are passionate about helping surgeons and patients and would like to facilitate their access to patient-specific products from Xilloc. If youare or know a good distributor, please let us know.