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We invite medical professionals to use our online ordering system MedX to get Patient Specific Implants and Anatomical Models. MedX is designed to make it easy, yet interactive and 3D. Make sure to read the ”  How to get?  ” page first! MedX will take you through the following steps:


Custom-made medical devices

Login to MedX  or create a new user account.
Create a new patient-specific implant case, choose what you need, fill in the case details and transfer the DICOM data to us.
Receive our proposal and accept digitally.
Evaluate and validate your requested design in one or two steps.
Receive your patient-specific implant.

Recommended  Browsers

We recommend Chrome or Firefox (for Windows) or Safari (for Mac OS) as internet browser to use with MedX (you can download and install via the  images on the right). 


Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer does not (yet) support the latest 3D visualization technology, nor the latest security protocols. You can use Internet Explorer 9 to complete the process, but then you can’t see the 3D models. Also, because Internet Explorer 9 does not support the latest internet security by default, you can get the message below when trying to open our secured MedX page for the first time. You will need to set this manually. Older versions of Internet Explorer do not support this at all, so they cannot be used.

Press the ALT key, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab

Check the following checkboxes under Security:

  • Use SSL 2.0
  • Use SSL 3.0
  • Use TLS 1.0
  • Use TLS 1.1
  • Use TLS 1.2

Click apply and OK.

Reload the MedX page by clicking F5.

Now, Internet Explorer should open the MedX page. If you are still facing difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us . Remember that visualizing 3D models is still impossible in Internet Explorer, so please consider switching to one of the recommended browsers.

* You can also still manually transfer your data to us.

If you want to do so, first complete the  Case Information Form  and compress it together with the DICOM folder into a ZIP file and send it on a CD or USB by  postal mail. Please inform us of your shipment.