The benefits that make patients happy with PSI

Choosing Patient Specific Implants (PSI’s) has significant advantages. Mostly these advantages are born from the fact that such a custom implant fits perfectly, immediately and since it is designed for one patient, the aesthetic result is excellent .

Because a Patient Specific Implant fits perfectly:

You can place it easily. It just falls into place. No need to reshape the bones, nor the implant itself. Just put it into place, fixate it and you’re done. Plug-and-play. Hassle free. Faster surgery also reduces the chances of infections.

No surprises during the implant procedure. By using virtual surgery planning and Anatomical Models you know what to expect and you know the implant will fit exactly, seamlessly. Should last minute questions pop-up, you can call us 24/7.

Patient Specific Implants are designed to reconstruct the patient to his/her original state or to provide symmetry. Especially for cranial and facial implants, this is extremely important.

With reduced surgery time and therefore shorter recovery time, the patient can go home sooner, with a perfect, aesthetic reconstruction. This will significantly improve his/her quality of life.

A Patient Specific Implant is designed to cover the complete defect (unless request otherwise), leaving no voids or “dead” spaces.

Since Patient Specific Implants shorten surgery time and hospitalization time, all associated costs are reduced. Add to that the fact that custom implants require fewer revisions, it is clear to see that the total (long term) costs for custom implants are lower, even though the initial implant price is slightly higher.

Even your hospital or clinic benefits

We all know that time is money, so reducing surgery time also reduces surgery costs. And it allows you to help more patients.

The OR time is on average reduced up to 70 percent. You do the math. Plus, you could help more patients in the same time frame.

The shorter a patient is under anaesthesia, the faster (s)he recovers. The patient can return home faster, allowing you to admit another patient.

Patients nowadays know what they want. They use the internet to find out everything about, and any possible solution to their problem. More patients will come to your hospital/clinic when they know you can offer personalized implants.

Put your institute on the map by using top class products for the highest level in patient care.