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October 2017: Work of Xilloc on ARTE Television!!!

February 2016: Work of Xilloc on Dutch Television!!!

January 2016: Xilloc on a National RTL 4 NEWS with a Patient Story!!! 

November 2013: Xilloc featured on CNN

Xilloc in the media

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In 2012 Xilloc received a lot of media attention around the 3D printed jaw. Some highlights (in random order):

  • Forbes:
click here to read  Xilloc Medical Examples PSI Cranioplasty Full Mandibular 3D Jaw Implant Titanium 4
  • CBS News:
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  • Medical daily:
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  • Sun News:
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  • The Verge:
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More news on the 3D printed jaw also on BBC News, Wired, Mashable, Telegraph, ZDNet,…

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