At Xilloc we are proud to enable surgeons in treating their patients with unique products. Below are some of our HeadLines of 2018. Next year we will of course continue to add our personal touch. You can expect new patient-specific products and new materials from us and we will continue to strengthen our collaboration with our surgeons and partners.

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Hyperostosis 1-stage procedure

A 16 year old boy, diagnosed with Proteus syndrome exhibited progressive hyperostosis of the cranial skull extending down the forehead to the nose and left orbit. This had a major disfiguring impact on his face. It was decided to resect the hyperostosis and reconstruct the skull with a patient specific implant to achieve a cosmetic reconstruction. This was done in one surgery. Curious how? Click here to request the case study.



3D printed titanium

Although PEEK is most often used for cranial reconstruction, in some cases titanium is chosen. The advantage of 3D printing is that we can design a porous 3D structure for the implant.


Custom-made devices in the MDR

The products that Xilloc makes under its ISO 13485 are legally called “custom-made medical devices”. Xilloc follows the new MDR requirements and through our  online MedX portal, we get the “written prescription of any person authorised by national law.


Research projects

At Xilloc, we push innovation in the field of patient-specific implants and 3D printing and as such we are part of several funded research projects, most notably Prosperos, BEAM-NL and Craniosafe.


WANTED: Distribution partners

We are looking for distribution partners in Europe that are passionate about helping surgeons and patients and would like to facilitate their access to patient-specific products from Xilloc. If you are or know a good distributor, please let us know.