At Xilloc we are dedicated to assist surgeons and help patients to  “Get aHead with patient specific implants” . Within such a young company, many things are happening and considerable progress is made all the time. In this second edition of our HeadLines , allow me to share with you our recent achievements and other interesting news. (Click here for the first edition of HeadLines)

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CNN International

Undoubtedly the main highlight was our recent (October 31st, 2013) appearence on CNN International. The lovely CNN news anchor Nina Dos Santos was in Maastricht for a short documentary about the European Union and the Treaty of Maastricht. Part of the documentary (from 1min11s onward) was an interview with our CEO Maikel Beerens on the importance of Europe for a young innovative company like Xilloc.

Or watch it on the CNN website

New 3D Printer: full-colour anatomical models

full color 3d print skullAs of today, we are the proud owners of a brand new, full-colour 3D Printer. This allows us make your anatomical models cheaper and deliver them faster (in whatever colour you desire)! Ideal for your surgical planning. So if you have a Dicom dataset, use our online ordering system MedX to quickly get tangible models of your patients anatomy.

Patient story and surgeon testimonials

Xilloc-Medical-Carla-Dekker-11-closeupEarlier this year, we helped Carla with her custom cranial implant after recovering from the removal of her meningioma.
You can read her touching story hereShe told us:
“Before my implant I could cry of frustration, but now I can cry of happiness”
Also our surgeons are really happy with our patient-specific products, especially with the perfect fit and the tangential fixation InterFix:
This is the best fitting cranial implant ever!
The tangential fixation is really a brilliant solution

LiveWire International Hall of Fame

livewire_badge_winnerAfter winning the prestigious Shell LiveWire award for young entrepreneurs in 2011 in the Netherlands, in 2013 Xilloc has entered the international Hall of Fame! Obviously we are very proud to be listed amongst those inspirational global entrepreneurs.

MedX update

Xilloc_MedXOur online ordering system MedX is a great tool that brings surgeons and our biomedical engineers together for the design of patient-specific implants, while reducing delivery times. Based on your feedback we have already implemented various updates and will continue to do so to make the system even better and easier to use. Thank you for your valued feedback!

2nd anniversary

xilloc 2 years_thumbnailIn august, we celebrated our second anniversary. We are honored that in a relatively short time-span, we have had the opportunity to help quite a number of surgeons and patients with our patient-specific products. It has strengthened our belief that Xilloc is on the right track and we are looking forward to help even more people in the years to come.


linkedin-logoFrom this year, Xilloc also has it’s own LinkedIn page. Feel free to connect with us.