Suits your suture: XSuture

While working closely with surgeons on our Patient-Specific cranial Implants, we noticed that stitching the temporal muscle to the implant is not easy; once the implant is placed and fixated (preferably using InterFix technology) it is impossible to use curved suture needles through the holes in the implant. So in order to suspend the temporal muscle, the surgeon would have to provide sutures already through the PSI before placing it. Being the specialist in custom implants, we thought this could be improved! So we developed XSuture (patented technology).

XSuture is an X-shaped hole in the implant that not only provides access to the inside of the implant (to suspend the dura), but it also allows surgeons to stitch soft tissues to the implant áfter it is fixated.
XSuture allows the use of every common curved suture needle, so it really suits your suture!