Cranial Implants

People of all ages can face health problems that require them to undergo osteotomies. The bone defects that remain after craniotomies create emotional, functional, physical and aesthetic disturbances that change patients’ lives.

The reconstruction of large/complex osseous defects still presents great challenges. And little is known on the best way to approach these challenges. For example if we take the reconstruction of large skull defects which is a truly complicated craft, with surgeons manually shaping, modelling and placing bone cement, bone grafts or titanium meshes. This in turn means long, high-risk and complex operations with poor safety and aesthetic results with correspondingly long hospitalisation times for the patient. The custom made implants provided by us, ensure better patient and physican satisfaction, in the reconstruction or augmentation of bone defects that no other treatment can forsee in.


Patients who have suffered a (complex and/or traumatic) defect, can require a custom reconstruction. Custom implants are also used when there is no suitable standard implant available or when a standard implant has failed. Examples are reconstructions of the cranium, mandible, orbita


Patients requesting custom skeletal augmentations to enhance their appearance and reconstruct a congenital or traumatic pathology. Examples are augmentations of the mandibular angles, the zygomatic areas, chin.

Frequent indications

  • Calvarial reconstructions after decompressive craniectomy; tumour or aneurysm surgery
  • Resorption of bony tissues