Xilloc winner Additive Manufacturing Award 2012

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Worlds first total mandibular replacement has won the additive manufacturing award 2012. To treat a senior patient suffering from a progressive osteomyelitis within almost the entire lower jawbone, medical specialists and surgeons opted for the total replacement with a patient‐specific implant for the first time ever. Together with Prof. Dr. Poukens Xilloc Medical designed and delivered this unique implant incorporating articulating joints and dedicated features. Xilloc is every time committed to make absolutely individual pieces, the implant was build and thought trough with project partners from the medical industry and academia. The implant is made from a medical grade titanium alloy and provided with a layer of hydroxyapatite to enhance soft tissue in growth and has been implanted successfully.The implant was designed in such way that even the dental structure could be placed afterwards. It restored the patient’s facial aesthetics and allowed her to regain her speech within hours. Read more…