Quality of 3D printed titanium cranial plates

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Would you say quality is important for medical devices? Of course you say “Yes!”. Is that also true for custom-made medical devices? Why not? And what about 3D printed custom-made medical devices? Ditto! After all, it’s a medical device and it will be implanted into a patient. For the rest of his/her life. So you […]

Zygoma Augment

Unilateral Zygoma Augmentation PEEK Patients requiring zygomatic augmentation, for example those with uni lateral zygomatic facial asymmetry resulting from either trauma or congenital defects, would be helped best with a patient specific implant made to match their anatomy. Using mirroring, we can restore facial symmetry, taking the facial nerve into account. The PEEK implant is […]

Sales Manager

Are you or do you know a: SALES MANAGER About Xilloc: Xilloc is a company specialised in custom products, focussed on high quality medical applications such as Patient-Specific-Implants, Surgical Guides and Anatomical Models. We are dedicated to maintain Xilloc as the highest standard for Patient Specific Products. Our company uses state-of-the-art design and manufacturing methods, […]

Xilloc Acquired OTN Successfully – Official Press Release

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A perfect “click” between Xilloc and OTN Press release & Media package below the page. Signing of the SPA during the Press Release Sittard-Geleen, May 16th, 2018 The dutch company Xilloc Medical B.V. announced today that it has successfully acquired OTN B.V. for an undisclosed amount. The company OTN is the market-leader worldwide in orthopedic Click […]

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing In addition to our own line of Patient Specific Implants, Xilloc offers contract manufacturing of medical devices using Additive Manfuacturing and/or CNC milling. We manufacture PEEK and titanium implants and polyamide surgical guides and anatomical models all under one roof and ISO13485 certified. We use state-of-the-art professional 3D printers and CNC milling machines. If […]

Advanced Dutch Additive Manufacturing (ADAM)

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Dentists and surgeons benefit from new applications in 3D printing. This is the result of a joint OP-Zuid project of Atum3D and Xilloc. Atum3D developed a special 3D printer that allows dentists to produce dental drill guides. With these drill guides the dentist can drill in the right direction to the correct depth, making it […]

HeadLines 2015

HeadLines At Xilloc we are dedicated to provide the highest quality in customized products for our customers. Within our young, ambitious company, many things are happening and considerable progress is made all the time. In this fourth edition of our HeadLines , allow me to share with you our latest achievements and other interesting news. If you would like to have more […]


Xilloc MedX for iPad The Xilloc MedX iPad app is built to educate patients and to assist the physicians in 3D visualizing Xilloc’s products to their patients. At Xilloc we are committed to make the implants that patients deserve .The app enables physicians to create, edit and validate the perfect patient-specific implant based on their […]


The world doesn’t stop after diagnosis of a meningioma   Diagnosis of the meningioma In March 2011 Carla, aged 54 and mother of 2 boys, was experiencing heavy neck pains and headaches. After a visit to the general practitioner she was sent to a neurologist in the hospital where she was diagnosed with a meningioma, […]

2nd anniversary!

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We celibrate our second anniversary! We are very thankful for having the opportunity to improve the quality of life for many patients by assisting surgeons with our patient-specific products. Over the last year, our team has grown by 400% and we have even moved to a new facility where we doubled the operational and production […]