MedX iPad app launched for easy 3D case review

Today we are very proud to announce the official release of the iPad MedX app – Easy 3D visualization.

The Xilloc MedX iPad app is built to educate patients and to assist the physicians in 3D visualizing Xilloc’s products to their patients. At Xilloc we are committed to make the implants, your patients deserve. The app enables physicians to create, edit and validate the perfect patient-specific implant based on their prescription for each unique patient. The Xilloc MedX app is an extension of the online MedX portal where physicians can register to have patient-specific implants at their fingertips. The app allows examining each individual 3D part by rotating, panning, zooming, show and hiding. The Xilloc MedX app comes with 3 example cases for everyone to experience our patient-specific implants and to show a glimpse of all our possibilities.

Click here to read more about the MedX app or go to the App Store to download it now.