Innovative InterFix technology: Place, Drill & Fixate

Our patented tangential InterFix technology eliminates the need for additional plating and fixation systems. Pre-operatively, the ideal screw locations and screw directions are determined, based on the shape and thickness of the patient’s bone. The uniqueness of the technology is in the fact that the screws are directed tangentially into the bone. Therefore, the fixation is completely impalpable and only few screws are required (on average only 5-9 screws for a large calvarial implant).

During surgery, the implant is placed into the defect, holes are drilled into the cortical bone at the screw positions and to lock the implant, a screw is positioned into each hole.

In accordance with the surgeon, advice on maximum screw length is engraved next to the fixation holes. For example, the symbol ⑦ is engraved here, which indicates a maximum screw length of seven millimetres.