Engineering services

In addition to Patient Specific Implants and Anatomic Models, Xilloc is specialized in custom medical engineering; we can assist medical professionals with design and engineering know-how and skills towards a patient-specific solution. For example:

  • Complex virtual surgical planning
  • Design consultancy
  • Additive manufacturing or CNC milling
  • Mechanical test samples
  • Other patient specific products

Looking for a specific medical engineering service, please do not hesitate to contact our engineering team.
We would be glad to be at your service.

Yes, if for research or other reasons, we can just provide you with a PSI design.

Yes, you are welcome to send in your design for production by us. We will provide you with a second design opinion and produce it in one of our materials you prefer and ship it to you.

Some examples of our engineering services

Customised Tracheotomy buttons

Patients with removed throat cancer are in the need for a trachea button, to be able to breath and speak. By pushing the button air flows through the original canal across the vocal cords which makes it possible to produce sounds and voices. Standard tracheotomy buttons are not available in an anatomical shapes, causing irritation and air leakage. Xilloc offers tailored made design solutions with a patient-specific fit:

  • Perfect fit
  • Reduced irritation
  • Air-tight

Xilloc_Medical_Customised_Epithesis Customised Epithesis

Starting from scan data it is possible to mirror e.g. an ear to reconstruct the incomplete side of a patient. When both sides are missing, it is possible to use geometries from our database. Other epitheses (e.g. a nose, orbita) are also possible to design in cooperation with the surgeon.

Trabecular bone samples for mechanical testing

When there is the need for testing particular anatomical shapes, Xilloc can assist you in the design and provide you with the desired 3D designs or with the physical parts needed.

Looking for another medical engineering service?  Contact our engineering team.